3 Ways Swimming Benefits Your Health

3 Ways Swimming Benefits Your Health

Swimming is the most popular activity in Australia. But why, exactly? There are a multitude of health benefits you may gain from swimming. Keep reading to learn how incorporating swimming into your work out benefits your health both physically and mentally:

1. Works your entire body

Among the advantages of swimming is that it works your whole body. Swimming raises your heart rate without stressing your body, meaning it trains your heart and improves cardiovascular health, lowering the chances of cardiac arrest. On the outside, it also tones muscles, builds muscular strength, and builds muscular endurance. These can be achieved by using the various strokes into your swimming workout, such as:

– freestyle
– breaststroke
– backstroke
– butterfly

Different muscles will be targetted depending on which stroke you do, but all of them will train your cardio. Regardless of what stroke you choose, you use most of your muscle groups to move through the water anyway.

2. Works your cardio

While your muscles are getting a great workout, your cardiovascular system is as well. Swimming makes your lungs and heart strong. Swimming is so great for you that researchers share it might even lower your chance of death. Compared with inactive individuals, the risk of death in swimmers is halved. Various other studies have shown that swimming can help lower blood pressure and control blood sugar levels.

3. Helps mental health

Researchers conducted an experiment on a group of swimmers immediately before and after swimming. Of the 101 people surveyed, 44 reported being somewhat depressed and feeling anxiety. After swimming, the amount diminished to just eight.

While more research has to be done in this area, the investigators conclude that swimming is a potentially powerful way to relieve stress fast.

Researchers also assessed a small group of individuals with dementia and saw an improvement in mood after engaging in a 12-week aquatic program. Swimming and aquatic workouts are not just psychologically beneficial for those who have dementia but has also been shown to boost mood as well.

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