3 Reasons to Learn Parkour

3 Reasons to Learn Parkour

Parkour is the sport where you leap across buildings and run up and over walls. Many are attracted to parkour even if they are not entirely certain what it is. It’s appealing to see someone move through an environment in ways we’d previously not imagined, and inspiring to see the human body being pushed to its very limits. Here are three reasons you should learn parkour:

Parkour is fun!

In parkour, you essentially deal with the world around you like a giant playground. It’s fun to discover new ways of maneuvering through your surroundings, and, yes, pretend you are running away from ninja assassins or zombies. It brings back your internal child that has long been dormant and just wants to run around, explore without constraints, and be free again.

Parkour will help save your life.

We are big proponents of the concept that everybody ought to be able to save their own life should the conditions arise. Parkour provides you with conditioning and the skills to do that. We joke about zombies and needing to escape and evade in an urban environment, but what if the day comes when your life depends on having the ability to run, jump, and climb over obstacles? Are you able to do it? Parkour can help. It is particularly handy when you must get away from a pursuer.

Parkour makes you creative.

Parkour requires you to look over your environment creatively. Rather than interacting and maneuvering through the entire world as some architect or town designer wanted you to, you do it how you want. Every fence, wall, or gap becomes a chance to try out a new move. This type of playfulness and creativity could seep over to other regions of your life, helping you find creative answers to problems at work or in your relationships.

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