workplace rewards & bonuses

Workplace Rewards & Bonuses

Various studies have shown that happy employees are more productive. One way of encouraging such work atmosphere is through an employee reward and recognition system. In the corporate world, such practice has become the norm. As a matter of fact, data show that companies worldwide showed their appreciation to the tune of $46 billion last year. […]

Dressed for Sex: Brothel Fashions

Sex workers can attract more clients, especially those with deep pockets, if they look good and dress the part. Escorts who made it big in this line of work are more than pretty. Besides, clients in the sex industry are found to be more than inclined to shell out huge bucks for a night with […]

The Intuitive Side of Fashion

What is fashion? Where does it come from? Where do the ideas that go into fashion come from? It is questions like these that lead me to investigate the intuitive side of fashion. Whether it be the fact that in ancient Greece men wore tunics and considered the Persian tendency for men to wear pants […]

Fashion Boutique

Technology Networking Fashion Businesses Globally

In a global sense, for an industry to strive and eventually become successful, entrepreneurs and designers need to be more creative and savvy in running their businesses. One approach that they use is the adaptation of SharePoint application, a web application which is one of the most successful products developed by Microsoft. Since its launch […]

Fashion Where It Really Counts: In the Bedroom

Let’s face it folks, many of us dress to impress and hopefully get the good lovin we feel that we deserve. Fashion is about arousing interest, and stimulating some response in a visceral sense. Beige aint gonna get you banged in a hurry baby. Bling shimmers and shines, and hopefully catches the eye, to direct […]

Australia’s Best Dressed Urban Denizens at Home

The population of Australia, that island continent floating below the rest of the world, or on top of it, depending upon how you look at a sphere, lives mainly on the coast. You have this huge landmass empty of homo sapiens and full of kangaroos, emus, snakes, wild camels, and a billion trillion creepy crawlies. […]

Modelling: A Career or Simply Vanity?

Models are people that we admire and we look up to. The term can also be something that we use as patterns in creating certain things. But in today’s world, models are described as those who wear skimpy outfits, adorned with lots of accessories and the epitome of beauty. In the fashion industry, models parade […]

Espionage and Security Issues in the Fashion Industry

Piracy has become one of the world’s most successful industry. It is also one of the fastest growing sectors with billions of dollars in annual revenues. The consumers, on one hand, wouldn’t mind buying a knock off pair of Louboutin for a tenth of the original price. Faking Fashion If only fashion designers can completely lock […]

Moved by Stationery: Fashionable Promotions in Office

Promotional items are an important element of a business’ marketing strategy. As per the Advertising and Specialty Company, promotional products generate a good consumer recall. If you plan to promote your business with office essentials, remember to select the right promotional item. In doing so, you get to utilize them in a more effective manner. Since […]